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  • Latest Access News

    • Volunteer for Access 2021!

      Are you a go-getter? Do you like sloths and fast rs (or the idea of them in movies but not their impact on the environment)? Then this ll is for you!  Access runs on its volunteers and there are lots of opportunities to get involved. Want to run a...

    • CFP deadline extended to Aug 13th

      Running out of time to submit a proposal to Access? No problem! You now have until Friday, August 13th at midnight wherever you are. The theme for this year is “The Slow and the Furious”. Tell us how the past year has been been going for you: vent your...

    • ll for proposals open! Welcome back, fam.

      Feeling a little tired after the last year? Maybe a little slow? Maybe a little furious? Come home to the tech community that res about you.  Submit a proposal and tell us about this past year. We’re going with the theme “The Slow and the Furious”. Vent your frustrations,...

    • Making the Greatest Online Access of All Time

      When #AccessYVR suddenly had to turn into #AccessWWW sometime this past Spring, we wanted to make sure that your beloved Access Conference didn’t turn into just another webinar. So, while our amazing program sessions will take place in a Zoom ll, we’ve also got tons of extracurricular programming to...

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